Surprise engagement proposal

I often photograph surprise  proposals with Flytographer … it’s a very special moment, usually very early in the morning, I’m alone, nervous and I look forward to people I do not know yet and that I have to try to recognize from the Skype that I did (with the one who makes the surprise!) to set up a scenario … The scenario: A: I am a student in need of models .. “Hello, you are a beautiful couple, may i photograph you?” “Yes, sure” and he takes the opportunity to put his knee down and make his request / B: It’s up to him to recognize me: he walks towards me and hands me his phone: “Can you take a picture for us? “” Yes of course … but wait, I have a big camera around my neck, don’t you prefere i use my camera… I’ll send it to you by email! ” “Okey” … / C: I’m more or less hidden, and I alternate between photographing the sky and chewing gums glued to the ground so they do not notice me when they arrive. Here, it’s scenario C. I scrutinize each person who passes … Ah, a primed couple walking, the young man is throwing me insistent glances (“IT S ME”), the young woman pulled by the hand is wondering why his boyfriend got her up that early … She was told to put on a pretty dress, they will have breakfast in a pretty place … mhm yes … I start photographing them from far pretending to be taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower … then the fateful moment arrives .. Is he / she going to say yes? Will I sweat so hard that I will lose my camera? Will tourists with flip flops ruin and photobomber my scene? WILL I  RECOGNIZE THEM?